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As the coronavirus culminated in China we all hoped that the animal markets would stay closed and it would at least serve as a wake up call of the inherent risk of their alarming consumption of animals.

At the height of the vicissitude,  the Chinese government proceeded to  ban the live transportation of dogs and wild animals and closed the animal markets .

However this caused dog breeders to become  ‘overstocked’ with a surplus of dogs that they simply couldn’t move. They are now selling off the dogs to  dog meat traders  in an attempt to recover costs as quickly as possible. Now that  covid 19 is more under control in China, the gruesome animal markets and dog slaughter houses are back in full operation.

Last week a video circulating on Chinese social media came to our attention, as it showed a local dog butcher with many dogs trapped in cages. It’s highly distressing to see that it’s now back to business as usual for the Chinese dog meat trade. After agonizing over the recent footage, we feel compelled to intervene and help save some  dogs from being slaughtered.

We, as an organization, endeavor  to continue to shed light on this nefarious trade, gross  injustice and abhorrent  treatment of man’s best friend, which needs to stop.

Today on March 22nd our founder Plush (Liang) is currently at a local dog butcher in an attempt to save some dogs that were sold to the dog butcher this morning. There are a mix of breeds including golden retrievers, huskies, German shepherds, malinois, pugs and greyhounds

Please help us shine a light for them, as most dogs trapped in the meat trade have no one coming to save them. We have a chance to help them, please continue to support our mission. Every donation and share on social media truly means so much to us. We couldn’t continue to rescue animals without our amazing supporters.

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