We are a non-profit animal rescue organisation located in Baicheng, northern China. Our work is driven by a passionate and dedicated love for all animals. We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed and promote compassion and love for all beings.

We remove animals from danger and provide them with much-needed love, veterinary care, and sanctuary. Most of our beautiful residents are dogs rescued from slaughterhouses, meat markets and local butchers but over the past 12 months, we have also saved cats, sheep, camels, foxes, horses, and donkeys from being slaughtered for their meat or skin.


 In October 2018, after 6 months of hard work, we were able to open our brand new shelter.

We are proud to say that our new facility is one of the best shelters in China and we have optimized multiple areas to make life as wonderful as possible for our furry residents.

Update 2020

Our new facility includes  3 new buildings one with 32 rooms, one with 40 new rooms and another with 20 extra large rooms with outdoor pens. We are proud to of created this additional space in 2020 as due to the pandemic it has been challenging to move dogs overseas for rehoming so we decided to extend our site.  

Our facility also boosts 80 indoor pens (each with tiled flooring, drainage and a water supply.)  10 outdoor pens, a quarantine area with 40 individual pens, a grooming room, a medical room, an outdoor doggy paddling pool,  a new cat house, outdoor exercise areas, new indoor exercise area and a room in which we manufacture our own kibble dog food (an estimated 400kilos per day.) Phew! We have indeed been busy, doing our upmost to create a safe haven to give all of our rescue babies the best care possible.


China is the worlds second largest country by land area  and the third largest by total area after Russia and Canada covering approximately 9.6000,000 square kilometres. The population is a staggering  1.4 billion humans and it is  estimated that 25% of the Chinese consume dog meat, with another 6.4 % claiming to have eaten it on occasion or by accident.  In a recent survey 69% of Chinese claimed never to have eaten it at all, with over 50% of people saying it should be banned altogether. 

However the problem can quickly be perceived as even more murky and troublesome. As it stands China has virtually no Legal dog slaughterhouses or legal dog farms, effectively meaning that although they are operating illegally the authorities have literally no interest in closing them down. 

It is very a sad fact that there is currently not one single animal protection law that  exists in China. Therefore animal abuse is more rampant and without any condemnation.  

The slaughter of dogs in China is a brutal commercial enterprise in which 10 million dogs are mercilessly killed each year to supply restaurants and meat markets. Opportunistic criminal gangs will kidnap any dog they can get their hands on, whether it is a stray, street dog or someone's beloved pet.

Dogs are rounded up and rammed into small wire cages, enduring  long distance journeys that can last for days. All without any food or water. 

One additional and frequently overlooked issue, that also fuels the dog meat trade is the inordinate amount of dog breeders that callously dump cast off  and surplus dogs at butchers and slaughterhouses.. 

We have also personally witnessed Chinese people dropping off their pet dogs to slaughterhouse trucks that position themselves at local markets at the weekend.

Many people that consume dog meat believe that  it has medicinal qualities and that it will make you internally stronger, increase libido, strengthen the immune system and even help to keep the body warm.

However the industry's intrinsic cruelty is undeniable.

In large slaughterhouses dogs are often clubbed with hard repetitive blows, fustigated  before having their throats slit and being left to bleed to death. 

They are still moving as they struggle and fight until their very  last breath. The handling is very aggressive, usually with metal tongs that grasp their fragile necks and toss them around like litter. 

Often they witness other dogs being brutally killed in front of them as they await their turn, paralysed by fear the are then dragged to their deaths. 

There's no escape. 

Can you imagine the fear these defenseless animals experience?

In restaurants and smaller establishments inflicting torture before they are killed is more common practice as the big slaughterhouses simply do not have time to do it. 

Repugnant practices of torture include boiling them alive, skinning them alive, stapling them down and cutting off their paws, tails and ears,  gauging their eyes out and sometimes they are even restrained and blow torched alive. 

In 2020 a new law has been passed acknowledging that dogs and cats are pets and not live stock. 

However this is not yet  widely enforced, due to the perversion of the police. 

We will contiune to rescue dogs from this cruel and  macabre trade while simulateously raising  awareness of this barbaric industry.