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Every day thousands of dogs and cats are slaughtered to supply the Chinese dog and cat meat trade.

Some people abuse the loyalty and trust freely given by 'man's best friend'.

Abandoned, stolen and abused, dogs fall victim to the darker side of human nature.

Even though The Chinese dog meat trade accounts for a 1/3 of the world's dog meat consumption there are no guidelines or regulations for how dogs are slaughtered. This isn't solely an animal welfare issue; it's also a food safety disaster.

Combating this barbaric practice is complex but by exposing the realities of this nefarious trade we can save lives, raise awareness and report findings to the Chinese ministry of agriculture. Where we are based in Northern China there is unfortunately much police corruption and the battle is very much uphill due to China having no animal protection laws. 

Please DONATE to help save innocent lives

Can you help support our life-saving work, to rescue animals from the Chinese dog and cat meat trade? Abandoned & stolen, dogs and cats in China fall prey to the very worst of humanity. We find dogs trapped in rusty cages waiting in line to die. Dogs and cats are being sold in bags at markets like inanimate objects. Dogs piled on trucks heading to slaughterhouses. All some have ever known is a cruel dark world.

We are a small team and our work is driven by a passionate and dedicated love for all animals. We never discriminate on the basis of health, age, or breed and promote compassion and love for all beings. We rely solely on donations to be able to operate but all gifts received help to fund our life-saving work. Rescue is the very first step of a long journey.

Hundreds of dogs are counting on us to provide care for them, dogs that have already experienced so much hardship. The donations we receive go towards the rescue, vet care, food, bedding and rehabilitation.

We remove animals from imminent death and danger. We provide them with much-needed love, veterinary care, and sanctuary. Most of our beautiful residents are dogs rescued from slaughterhouses, meat markets, and local dog butchery yards. We also rescued dogs & cats from the notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival last year.

Your kind contributions help us create transformations like this

Yulin Dog Meat Festival June 21st 2022



2 months of post rescue care, photos taken August 25th  2022

Their names are Ranger, Toby and Evie. All overcame distemper virus and pneumonia. Their recover took 45 days. 


Blossom was found abandoned In May 2022, her fur was very matted and she was malnourished.

Blossom was picked up as a stray

Here she is a few weeks later after veterinary care, nutrition, love and grooming. 

Blossom after vet  treatment

How to help 

YOU can help make a difference to survivors of the dog meat trade. 

Sending a contribution online is a quick and easy way you can help. 

Every penny donated helps towards making life better for hundreds of dogs saved from slaughter each year.

Whatever you choose to give, your gift will help make a real difference and allow us to provide ongoing care for survivors of the dog meat trade.

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Our intention is to find our dogs loving new homes overseas where they can live the truly blessed lives they deserve.

We work in conjunction with other dog rescue groups in order to facilitate this. Covid has slowed down overseas adoptions but we are eager and committed to reinstating them now that China is lifting boarder restrictions.

Facts about the Chinese dog meat trade

China is the world's second-largest country by land area and the third-largest by total area after Russia and Canada covering approximately 9.6000,000 square kilometres. The population is a staggering  1.4 billion humans and it is estimated that 25000-30000 dogs are being slaughtered DAILY for food in China, the world's largest consumer of dog meat.  In a recent survey, 69% of Chinese claimed never to have eaten it at all, with over 50% of people saying it should be banned altogether. 

However, the problem can quickly be perceived as even more murky and troublesome. As it stands China has virtually no Legal dog slaughterhouses or legal dog farms, effectively meaning that although they are operating illegally the authorities have literally no interest in closing them down. 

It is very a sad fact that there is currently not one single animal protection law that exists in China. Therefore animal abuse is more rampant and without any condemnation.  

The slaughter of dogs in China is a brutal commercial enterprise in which 10 million dogs are mercilessly killed each year to supply restaurants and meat markets. Opportunistic criminal gangs will kidnap any dog they can get their hands on, whether it is a stray, street dog, or someone's beloved pet.

Dogs are rounded up and rammed into small wire cages, enduring long-distance journeys that can last for days. All without any food or water. 

One additional and frequently overlooked issue, that also fuels the dog meat trade is the inordinate amount of dog breeders that callously dump cast-off and surplus dogs at butchers and slaughterhouses. 

We have also personally witnessed Chinese people dropping off their pet dogs to slaughterhouse trucks that position themselves at local markets at the weekend.

Many people that consume dog meat believe that it has medicinal qualities and that it will make you internally stronger, increase libido, strengthen the immune system and even help to keep the body warm.

However, the industry's intrinsic cruelty is undeniable.

In large slaughterhouses, dogs are often clubbed with hard repetitive blows and fustigated before having their throats slit and being left to bleed to death. 

They are still moving as they struggle and fight until their very last breath. The handling is very aggressive, usually with metal tongs that grasp their fragile necks and toss them around like litter. 

Often they witness other dogs being brutally killed in front of them as they await their turn, paralyzed by fear they are then dragged to their deaths. 

There's no escape. 

Can you imagine the fear these defenceless animals experience?

In restaurants and smaller establishments inflicting torture before they are killed is a more common practice as the big slaughterhouses simply do not have time to do it. 

Repugnant practices of torture include boiling them alive, skinning them alive, stapling them down and cutting off their paws, tails, and ears,  gauging their eyes out, and sometimes they are even restrained and blow-torched alive. 

In 2020 a new law has been passed acknowledging that dogs and cats are pets and not livestock. 

However, this is not yet widely enforced, due to the perversion of the police. 

We will continue to rescue dogs from this cruel and macabre trade while simultaneously raising awareness of this barbaric industry.    

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