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Success Stories



Case Study 1 

Simba a Japanese Shiba Inu.


Simba was recused at the end of June 2018 from a dog butcher's yard in Baicheng, China.  Biianka took Simba under her wing and partnered up with Donna Staley and Moi in the USA to bring him over there to start a brand new life.

On  January 16th, 2019 Simba landed in Chicago, USA and began a 3-month integration and training program with Donna. Soon he was ready to be adopted and both Donna and Moi found him the perfect family, that has extensive experience with his particular breed. He now spends his time, living the canine dream, walking a few miles each day, playing with an abundance of toys and rolling around the lounge with his new playmate, the pet cat 'Benjamin catten". He even has 2 Shiba Inu sisters now called Baby and Molly who find watching their new little brother's antics highly amusing.


Case Study 2

Sasha the Shiba Inu/ jindo mix


Sasha was rescued in April 2018 by Callum and Plush, also from a Chinese dog butcher. She had previously given birth to puppies and had much sadness in her eyes. It took Sasha longer to learn to trust again but her faith in humans was fully restored eventually. Sasha was also taken under Biianka, Donna, and Moi's wing along with Simba. In January 2019 Sasha landed in America and began her integration and training program. In April she was also adopted by a wonderful couple that lives in Atlanta. Sasha loves her daily walks and even goes jogging with her new mama .. She also adores playtime with her new brother Cooper. She has a blessed life far away from the savagery she once knew. To follow Sasha's adventures, check out her Instagram: @sashatheshindo  


Case study 3

Izzy The Irish Setter


Izzy was first spotted on a dog meat truck that was collecting dogs at the local market for the slaughterhouse at the end of October 2018. Izzy remains to be the only Irish setter dog that we have ever found in the Chinese dog meat trade. The truck left the market and headed to the local slaughterhouse. We all remember how Izzy tried to run away as the meat traders took her off the truck to be placed into a pen at the slaughterhouse. Plush Bear activists luckily had followed the truck and were able to secure her release. Izzy soon caught the eye of a wonderful family in the UK that committed to adopting her and paid for all her vet bills and export costs. It took months of waiting but at last, in March 2019, she was united with the Carvalho family and taken to her forever home. Izzy now lives a perfect life in Essex, England. She spends her days following her mum Stacey around the house, playing fetch whilst running around the garden at lightning speed, and loves snuggling up on the sofa. Izzy lives a very active life exploring nearby trails and parks! She even goes to the local beach! Life for Izzy is very blessed and a far cry away from the evil dog meat trade. To follow Izzy's adventures check her out on instagram 



Case Study 4 

Juno the Japanese Akita


Juno was rescued from a Chinese dog butcher on 19th November 2017    by Plush Bear.

Juno was one of the most aggressive dogs we have ever rescued with zero trust in humans. Due to his hostility, he had to be kept separate from other dogs at the shelter too.

At times we wondered if he was half dog/half lion due to his savage outbursts. However, Callum our head fundraiser decided he would give Juno a much-needed second chance and brand new life in the UK. He now lives with Callum and his 3 other dogs. Juno adores his master and with time has learned to love and trust again. He spends most of his time following Callum around and eating but also enjoys a nice leisurely stroll each day (nothing too strenuous as this big, beautiful boy definitely prefers to kick back and relax in all of his glory)


Case Study 5

Lucky the Samoyed


Lucky was rescued from Baicheng dog Slaughterhouse in early September 2018 after being dumped there by a dog breeder.

She had severe skin disease and had to be completely shaven to treat it effectively.

Jason, a long term supporter, and friend of the shelter paid for all of her vetting, export and transportation costs to the USA. In January 2019 Lucky landed in Chicago and was taken under the wing of Jen at Homewardbound Dawg rescue group, who gave her extensive training before rehoming her to a lovely couple who have renamed her 'Lilo'. She now lives in Chicago with them and loves running around the local dog park near their home and exploring the city on walks.


Case Study 6

Junzi The Belgian Malinois


Junzi was also rescued from Baicheng slaughterhouse in September 2018 by Plush and Callum.

Junzi is such a sweet boy but after his ordeal had no trust in humans.

His jaw was also badly injured after extremely rough handling from dog meat traders which was treated at ICVS clinic in Beijing. Luckily for Junzi, he was taken under the wing of our dear friend and huge supporter Aloha who paid for all of his vetting, exportation, and transport costs to the USA. Junzi first lived with Aloha and his slaughterhouse survivor sister, a fellow malinois called Kala. Those 2 played for hours tousling around, while Junzi finally learned to trust humans again. Aloha found him the perfect home which he shares with his 2 new siblings Portia and Chase. He is now doing awesome in his new home and loving life in his new family. Aloha and Kala still get to visit him too.


Case Study 7


Baxter was recused by Plush and Callum at the local dog meat market after very rough handling by dog meat traders. Luckily for Baxter he was then taken under the loving wing of Rushton Dog Rescue group in the UK. Rushton paid for all his vetting, quaratine, export and transportortation  costs. Finally after months of waiting, he arrived in the  UK and after being assessed by rushton was rehomed earlier this year and is loving his new life in Great Britan. 

Case Study 8

Shitzu Zach

Little Zach, was just 8 months old when he was rescued by Callum, Plush, and Zaher from a dog meat truck sent by the local slaughterhouse to collect dogs from the weekly market. Sold by his owner and thrown onto the truck like garbage by savage dog meat traders, Zach was terrified. Everyone fell in love with Zach and after a short time at the shelter, he went to Beijing to do his quarantine and was rehomed in America early this year.

He now lives on a big ranch and has a big family with animal activist Lou Ann Zell full of and fellow dog meat trade survivor pups, peanut, Tommie,  and LuLu. 

Case Study 9
Kala - The beautiful Belgian malinois 
Kala was rescued from a slaughterhouse by Plush in 2018.
She was extremely underweight and had a big scar across her nose.
Kala was blessed to be adopted by Aloha from Malinois Rescue League in the USA. I recall asking the vet with trepidation if the scar would heal and the vet was uncertain. Luckily within weeks of her quarantine period in Beijing, the scar started to fully heal and her fur began to grow back over it. I was blown away by Kala each time I met her, she encapsulated pure love and is just the sweetest dog. She now lives high life in Virginia with her brother Enzo. 


Case Study 10

Malinois Max - 

Max is a striking malinois and was very strong, healthy and a good weight when Plush rescued him. Even though physically he didn't show any signs of neglect or abuse , he was extremely nervous and very fearful of humans. His mental scars were prominent. When i first met max at the he reminded me of the cowardly lion and was too scared to even walk outside on the lead.

Max was also adopted overto USA by malinois rescue league and Aloha found him a great new home with a lovely lady Christina and his fur baby brother saylor dinkers. Now he has lots of new adventures and has grown to love and trust humanity once again.


Case Study 11

Mr. Winston the brave corgi boy


Mr. Winston, the cutest floppy-eared corgi boy was rescued from brutal dog meat traders at a local market by Plush during January 2019. Mr. Winston was always a happy dog, even after being subjected to such cruelty prior to being rescued. He adjusted well to life at the shelter but his lucky day really came when Jeanie from Cares Cedartown Rescue in Atlanta USA decided to take him under her wing and fund all his vetting, export, and transportation costs to get him to America. He was then placed in the most wonderful home and has a life that most can only dream of. He is a regular little jet setter now and life couldn't be further away from the horror he once knew.  

PDF Photos 2018-11-26_34.JPG

Case Study 12

Cooper the Saint Bernard


Beautiful  Cooper was rescued from Baicheng slaughterhouse by Plush. We don't see many St Bernards in the meat trade and soon Rushton Dog Rescue group in the UK stepped for Copper and funded all of his vetting, export, and transportation costs from China to the UK before finding him a loving home after a brief period in foster care. Copper is now living life to the fullest and even mixing with celebs at a recent charity fundraising event for Rushton, raising awareness of the dog meat trade.


Case Study 13

AVA the smiling malinois



Ava was rescued from a dog butcher in early 2019. She had been used as a puppy breeding machine then dumped when she was no longer profitable. All she had known prior to her rescue was a life of misery. She's is older than most of the dogs we find but soon it was apparent just how young at heart Ava is. This brave girl embraced all of the new changes post-rescue with gusto. She was transferred to Beijing to do her quarantine for the USA by Malinois Rescue League and placed in a fantastic new home with her new canine sister  Inga and brother Axel. She is now living her best life with the biggest smile.


Mar - The marvelous german shepherd

Case Study 14


This lucky 4-year-old german shepherd boy was rescued by plush and Callum from the local meat market after very rough handling by dog meat traders. Mar was so afraid that he cried in desperation and distress as he was pulled off the dog meat truck by them to be weighed. Mar was taken under the wonderful wing of the rescue group Little China Dog rescue in Ireland who paid for all of his vet care, export paperwork and even flew to China to collect him. After rehab and assessment, he was placed in a loving home in Aberdeen and now lives his life reveling in the delightful scenery on daily walks and adventures with his fur brother bear.


Case Study 15

Gorgeous George who was previously known as 'Bogey' another captivating and unbelievably cute little Corgi saved from broad daylight butchery.


George the corgi, so regal and innocent was found in a rusty cage at the dog butcher in Baicheng. He was due to be killed that day but plush intervened and liberated him from that hell hole. He quickly stole everyone's heart at the shelter as well as Jeanie from Cares Cedartown Rescue group in Atlanta who decided to privately fund all of his vet, export and transport cost to the USA and even flew to China to collect him. This special boy then had a brief rehabilitation period at cares Cedartown rescue residence in Atlanta before finding a cherished new forever home and loving family to call his own.



Case Study 16

Chip the miracle puppy


Chip was rescued from a dog breeder that was selling off their dogs to a dog butcher, along with his mum a german shepherd mix Mrs potts, rescued by Plush in late 2018.

The precious little pup was just a few days old but sadly no other puppies were anywhere to be found. He was left wiggling on a dirty blanket in a  filth-ridden rusty cage while his mother was aggressively weighed in the air by dog meat traders. Post rescue both mother and chip were taken under the wing of little china dog rescue group, who did amazing work funding all of their vet care, transport and export costs. Upon arriving at the vets in Beijing both were diagnosed with having a contagious virus called coronavirus but both fought to live and made full recoveries. Chip now has a wonderful home with his lovely new mum called Tracey. He has grown into such a handsome boy and is getting bigger by the week and has the most spectacular ears..


Case Study 17

Denbe The Kunming Wolfdog

Denbe was rescued by Callum and Plush from Baicheng slaughterhouse on August 20th, 2019.

Denbe was ill with pneumonia post-rescue and fought the infection for over a month before being well enough to be prepared for USA export. From the moment he arrived at his new home it was like he had always been there and he is really in his element now.

We frequently find Kunming wolfdogs in slaughterhouses recently but usually, they don't attract much interest from the overseas groups as people aren't very familiar with the breed but Denbe stole the heart of Sonia from elite greyhound rescue and she flew him to the USA to be part of her family. What a lucky boy! There are now 5 more Kunming dogs that will be traveling to the USA in 2020 to be rehomed.




Case Study 18

Stunning Stella the golden retriever.

Stella, a young, playful, golden retriever was rescued from a dog butcher in Baicheng. The other 2 dogs she was rescued with both had canine distemper but Stella managed to avoid getting it and was chosen by Cares, Cedartown Rescue in Atlanta, who paid for her vet and export costs before flying to China to collect her plus 4 more lucky dogs. Jeanie from Cares did a superb job introducing her to life in the USA and finding her a fantastic new family to call her own. Stella is now called lUNA and very happy in her new life in USA.


Case Study 19

Teddy the  poodle/ Chihuahua mix found matted at the marker

Teddy was found at the local meat market by one of Plush's friends in May 2019. He was completely matted and couldn't stop shaking. Back at the shelter, he began to recover from his neglectful past while simultaneously stealing the hearts of Stacey (who adopted Izzy the Irish setter) and her family who decided they also wanted to bring him to the UK.

After arriving in Beijing he was very fragile and extremely underweight. The vet nurse took him under her wing and he even had his own chair in the reception area and was given a whole new wardrobe after having all of his matted fur shaved off. He constantly wanted to be held and back then he had no idea what an amazing life was awaiting him in England. He started to gain weight and confidence and finally on October 16th he arrived at his new home in Clacton and his new sister Izzy (see case study 3) He now enjoys endless cuddles, walks, and treats and is loved and adored in every way a far cry away from a dirty meat market in China


Case Study 21

Maggie the German Shepherd who had lost all hope.

Maggie was also found in a local dog butcher, her huge eyes, full of sadness as she was forced to watch other dogs being killed in front of her. Soon it would be her turn.... until Plush, Callum, and Zaher rescued her from certain and most horrific death. Once back at the shelter she began to relax and trust humans again. Maggie also captured the heart of Stacey and her family that decided to also bring her over to the UK. 

In November 2019 she finally arrived, 1 month to join both Teddy and Izzy from previous rescues. They are now one big happy family! Maggie still has some health challenges to overcome after recently having an aggressive tumor removed. We are all behind her to make a full recovery and live the life she deserves with her amazing family.

UPDATE: Unfortunately sweet Maggie has now passed away, she had a very aggressive form of cancer that had spread, We live in the comfort of knowing how much love and joy she was able to experience during her time in England and we are heartbroken that her time was cut short but at least she knew what it was like to have a family that loved and adored her after experiencing so much horror in China.


Case Study 22

Atlas - the malinois the hugging malinois

Atlas is a large, majestic male malinois that was found in a holding pen at the gruesome sonyuan slaughterhouse in Jilin. Despite suffering cruel abuse and disregard at the hands of humans, prior to being rescued, fortunately for Atlas it didn't dent his spirit or love and trust in humanity. It was clear once he had been rescued that he very much wanted to be as close as possible to humans and form a loving bond. 'Please love me' bellowed his body language to the veterinary nurse as he wrapped his front legs around her upon arrival in Beijing. Everyone commented how adorable he was and he was blessed to be taken under the fantastic wing of the malinois rescue league that paid for all his vet and export paperwork before flying to China to collect his and bring him to his great new home in Chicago. 'He's a hugger' joyfully exclaimed his proud new owner. Now at last sweet Atlas is living a life full of love and all the hugs he needs.


Case Study 23

Aleck - the male malinois with the biggest heart

Aleck was also rescued from the Sonyuan slaughterhouse on 18th June 2019 in Jilin after extremely rough handling by dog meat traders. Aleck was especially wary of men and it was clear he had suffered so much abuse. He was also taken under the care of the malinois rescue group who paid for him to be vetted and boarded in Beijing while he did his 3-month quarantine term for the EU. In November he flew to Italy to start his new life. Initially placed with an experienced malinois owner Luca as a foster placement, it soon became clear that the bond between Aleck and Luca was very strong and Luca soon decided he would, in fact, adopt Aleck and add him to his family of 10 rescue dogs, They all live a very blessed life in Lake Como and Aleck adores Luca immensely and follows him around like a shadow.


Case Study 24

Orelia - The adorable doe faced malinois 

Orelia was found at the animal market on the outskirts of Baicheng city being sold for meat on June 9th, 2019. Looking terrified and confused the beautiful, young dog was rescued by Plush and Callum. Orelia was very timid and clearly scarred from her past. She was taken to Beijing by the Malinois Rescue League group who paid for all her vetting, transport, and boarding costs This brave, sweet girl was diagnosed with pneumonia and fought hard to beat the infection. After making a full recovery she was finally able to fly to the UK to her new family on October 16th. After further rehabilitation and adjustments made by her very patient and loving new mum Lyndsey, Orelia has completely transformed both physically and emotionally. She clearly loves her new life, living with her new playmates, furry sister Roxy (an Akita cross) and furry brother Jack (another malinois)


Case Study 25

Poppy the Old English Sheepdog

Poppy was rescued on June 20th by Plush, Callum, and Zaher from Baicheng slaughterhouse after being spotted in a holding pen. Poppy from the onset seemed quite unaffected by her ordeal. It was clear she had much love for humans and wasn't going to let her past trauma hold her back.

After seeing the rescue video featuring Poppy, a passionate and experienced sheepdog owner called Sue contacted us to adopt Poppy. It was soon evident how extremely committed Sue was and that she would provide an outstanding home for Poppy in the UK. Sue paid for all of her vetting, export, and transport costs. and after Poppy had completed her 3-month quarantine term she finally flew on October 16th, 2019 to meet Sue and her new sheepdog siblings, Rosie and Harry. Poppy adjusted straight away to her new life and it's almost like she has always been there. Sue also contacted local media who ran a story on Poppy creating more awareness which we are so very grateful for. Poppy now lives an exceptionally happy and blessed life far away from the filthy slaughterhouse she was found in.


Case Study 26

Stella -The young, German shepherd mix 

Stella stole the heart of Shaun from 'One Paw At A Time' dog rescue group while he was visiting our shelter in October 2018.. Stella was shy a young Shepherd mix that rejoiced in the presence of humans but was getting bullied by some of the other older dogs. Shaun decided to rehome her in the UK and paid for all of her vetting, export and transport costs. She now has an amazing new family on the English coast and enjoys adventures and playtime on the beach culminating with endless cuddles and love. Stella has grown up into a stunning, loving pet that captures the heart of everyone she encounters with her boundless energy and 'joie de Vivre'


Case Study 27

Bear the Kunming (Chinese wolf dog)

Bear was rescued in August from dog meat traders in Baicheng,

He was then taken under the wing of the Elite Greyhound adoptions group and after completing all of his vetting he and  3 other Kunming dogs were flown over to beautiful Florida to start wonderful new lives in January 2020. He has adapted well to his new life and feels most at home surrounded by all of his favourite toys. At the start of February Bear has found his forever home and a life better than his wildest dreams is now his.


Case Study 28


This stunning, female samoyed cross,  was Initially named Bertie but is now called Grace living her best life in the USA.

We rescued her from Baicheng slaughterhouse on June 21.

Upon being rescued her condition was very poor and she was literally just skin and bones.

It took the uniting of 3 rescue groups to help get this precious girl to her new home in Florida. Candy cane rescue paid for all her vetting and boarding costs post export and Elite Greyhound Rescue group paid for all of her transport to the USA and secured her a placement in a fantastic new home where she is loved and adored.


Case Study 29

Jenko the Malinois, a young male  (formally called Garrick) distinguishable by the unique, white marking across his stunning face.

Jenko's rescue was considerably more traumatic than a standard rescue. The poor dog was savagely attacked by another dog that belonged to the owner of the slaughterhouse. As Jenko was being taken out of the slaughterhouse holding pen by dog meat traders, the other dog set upon him and dragged him back inside the pen, causing traumatic wounds to his neck.

Once back at the shelter Jenko was able to heal and learn to trust humans again. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with pneumonia but he fought hard and beat the illness.  He was taken under the wing of The malinois Rescue League, which funded all of his vetting, export, and transport costs. He was flown to the USA in October 2019 and now has a superb new home and family that have committed to making his life the best it can be. His rehabilitation is an ongoing process but he continues to steal the hearts of those around him and impress people with his resilience. His new family has shown extreme dedication and he has had specialist trainers, interactive toys, and tons of time and endless love to help him become the happy dog he is today. He lives each day to the fullest along with his siblings Mishka and Makana. Follow junks adventure on Instagram @takemoredetourss

Case Study 30

Casper is a young, male, old English sheepdog. He was rescued from Taonan dog butchers on 19th November 2019. A lovely lady in the USA watched his rescue video and ardently offered him a home. She waited patiently for him to be ready to travel and finally in March 2020 he was united with the same lady, Michelle, that desperately watched his rescue video, He now has a new brother, a fellow OE  sheepdog called Clarence. The 2 quickly became inseparable and live out their days languorous and free in Michelle's loving home. Casper was rehired via the Big Dog Ranch Rescue group in Florida.

Case Study 31
Lord Chesterton 
The fortuitous corgi with captivating eyes.

A stunning male corgi with a huge ice-blue eye and a big cavernous brown eye. Both eyes looked on at our founder through the rusty bars of the cage, his 2 paws rested on them and he stared intently. The very same cage that Casper the old English sheepdog was found in at the local dog butcher. How did he end up in such a precarious position? We simply do not know but it is our duty to do all we can to help and not to turn away. After all the dogs are innocent and deserve to be saved. After being rescued from the truck outside Taonan slaughterhouse on November 24th, 2019 he was diagnosed with distemper virus and fought hard to overcome it. It was a long battle but after he was cleared of the virus he was swiftly taken under the wing of our partner rescue Nana's Haven in the USA, who funded all of his transport and export costs to find him a super new home in the big apple. He now resides in New York with his new family and lives a very blessed life, enjoying lots of walks, toys, and endless cuddles and love. His new family adores him and we are enraptured to see him doing so well after overcoming so much in his 3 years on earth. .
Case Study 32 
Elli - The dog in a bag

Elli is a stunning, 3-year-old, Saluki cross found trembling in a bag at the local market being sold by dog meat traders on September 6th 2020. The transaction was fortuitously intercepted by our founder and Elli was rescued from a horrific fate.  Although she had no serious health implications she  was extremely anxious at the shelter and it was decided that she would live with our founder at her home in order to gain the necessary confidence in humans  to be re homed overseas. A lovely lady called Toma in the UK was waiting patiently for 8 months for Elli to be ready to finally go to her new home in England .On June 27th Elli was finally united with her new owner Toma. She  has grown phenomenally in confidence and is a jocund, playful dog, full of energy and zeal for life. She lives in a beautiful place with lots of toys, treats and daily walks. 


Case Study 3

Golden Sam the little boss boy 

Stunning Sam is one of the ‘fortunate 5’ dogs we rescued on May 1st. 
He is also the 2nd one of the 5 dogs to make it over to USA already. 
This adoption was made possible by Nana's Haven who arranged for all of his export paperwork /transport and facilitated finding his fabulous new home😍. 
Sam is now living a splendid life with Rose fox and has discovered a love for dog paddling in the pool and laid-back days ensconced in the sunshine. He has taken up the role of boss dog of the house with gusto.
Thank you to everyone involved who made this wonderful outcome possible🙏


Case Study 34

Beautiful bumble.

Almost one year ago, thanks to a fortuitous twist of fate, we rescued a beautiful, young, male, golden retriever after he was spotted being weighed by dog meat traders at a local market.
Fortunately, Cooper (now called Bumble) didn’t have any serious health issues and was taken under the wing of rescue group @nanas_haven_ at the beginning of this year. He was boarded by them in  Beijing before being flown to the USA last month🙏.
He is now living the dream with his new mom Courtney and fur brother Oakley. 
He has adjusted well to his new life in Arizona. He is a happy dog and loves to snuggle and play with his new best friends and enjoys all the gifts life now has to offer. Big thank you to everyone involved who made this happen



Case Study 35

Serendipitous Snow

Snow is a stunning white greyhound rescued from the dog meat market on June 21st, 2020. A striking, graceful male, covered head to toe in lovely white fur.

Luckily Snow didn't have any serious illnesses and stayed with us under our care until December 21st, 2020 when he finally took his freedom flight to the USA, facilitated by Elite Greyhound Rescue Group, based in Florida. Shortly after he arrived in the USA he was adopted and now has a loving new home where he thrives in his element.


Case Study 36

Where's Wally?

Wally the endearing, dashing Dachshund captured everyone's heart instantly when we spotted him being sold at the market in December 2019. How anyone could think about hurting sweet innocent creatures like him, we will never understand. Fortunately, we were able to take Wally with us before any harm came to him. He's the cutest little boy, so eager to please and accept love and affection from humans. Wally soon had a home secured for him by the Elite Greyhound Rescue group but his initial flight was cancelled as covid 19 took a firm grip on the world. His arrival in the USA was very delayed but thanks to his new owner he was able to travel via cargo plane. He is doing splendidly in his new home and his new owners adore him for the amazing boy he is. 


Case Study 37

Enchanting  Indie

Indie (named initially' Maria Lucia') was rescued from a dog meat truck headed to a local Baicheng slaughterhouse. She was shaking and terrified as scary dog meat traders with big metal clamps dragged her around. She spent a brief time at the shelter and was timid and unsure at first. However, it wasn't long before the Malinois Rescue League took her under their wing and she left our shelter to go for rehabilitation and training at a specialised dog boarding and training facility in Beijing. The next step was to get her over to the USA and into a loving home. Auspiciously a lovely young lady called Sydney opened her heart and home to Indie and committed to giving her a second chance and the beautiful life she deserves. Indie couldn't have wished for a kinder and more dedicated owner. Sydney really stepped up when Indie experienced health challenges and stayed committed to her care throughout. Indie has an absolutely fabulous life now, she goes on lots of great outdoor adventures and even swims. She has a beautiful, big family and Sydney really goes above and beyond for her to give her an exceptional life.

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