Millie is a beautiful, gentle, endearing dog. She adores  the company of both dogs and humans and has a penchant for the indoor play area.

She is placid in nature and exceptionally loving and friendly,  despite of all the trauma she has endured in her life. We rescued Millie from Baicheng slaughterhouse on April 13th and prior to that she was used for puppy breeding and swiftly disregarded like trash when she could no longer reproduce as much.

Her eyes are large and hypnotic and it’s impossible not to gravitate towards her for lots of cuddles.  She’s an enthusiastic little eater and we are honored to be able to feed her nutritious food and give her the love and care she missed out on for so long. One day, when restrictions from Covid -19 ease, this lucky girl will be flying to USA to find her forever home. Until then she will be residing with us. 



2018 created on behalf of PLUSH BEAR ANIMAL RESCUE SHELTER