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Our survival depends on you

Following on from our last blog, the emergency food appeal on 23rd of October, we are once again in desperate need of your valued support.

We are 18 days into the appeal and due to our kind supporters and fundraising groups we are currently sitting at the half way mark.

Our animals have come from backgrounds of continuous, abuse breeding and years in small cages. In addition to owner betrayals and immense cruelty at markets and slaughterhouses. We as a organisation have changed the lives of so many animals over the years with the help of our supporters. We started off as a small open air shelter and have developed into a to high quality indoor shelter, with heated pens, outdoor exercise areas and onsite grooming and veterinary care.

The fact is if just 10% of our followers gave $2 it would be possible to secure the food and be able to order more in bulk.

It would also give us a head start on collecting for December's outgoings and bring ourselves back into a positive balance.

Understandably, donations since the onset of the worldwide pandemic have seen a significant drop and whilst we completely appreciate that not everyone is able to help financially, we really cannot do what we do for the animals without regular support.

We rely entirely on donations as you know.

One more push to help secure our survival and continue our mission for animals in China.

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