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A heart felt appeal.

This year 2020 has unquestionably been our  toughest year since the shelter began in 2017. The current global health crisis has left no person untouched and we know that every one of you will be dealing with your own personal circumstances and challenges and as it rages on its becoming increasingly  difficult to survive.

This year we battled on to keep improving the facilities with the goal of always giving the dogs and cats the best facility and care possible. 

However this past month we have had some exponential veterinary costs  and even though we have worked hard over the past 5 weeks to get those costs paid, the final hurdle is the enormous supply of food that has fell short this month. This emergency appeal is to  fight for our survival as a rescue and get this next food order done for the next 4 weeks. We are asking on behalf of our animals that rely on the rescue community for their ongoing support.

Your gift of $1 ,  $5 , $10  today will allow us to order food for the next month towards animals that have survived the meat trade.

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