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It's estimated that 30000 dogs are slaughtered for meat every day in China.

In a stark contrast pet ownership is also on the rise, with demand being fuelled by Chinese millennials.

Due to this booming pet market, dog breeders are producing an inordinate amount of pedigree puppy breeds, hugely surplus to the demand. Sadly this is causing an influx of dogs that are quickly disregarded by breeders, once they are deemed to be ‘too big’.

Other breeders are cruelly advertising puppies and encouraging people to buy them, in order to make a living, from raising them for meat. They are offering puppies for sale with instructions on how to house and feed them, for a nominal amount of money, before butchering them for meat once they reach market weight.

Odious animal markets are normally held at weekends.

It's common to see many dogs for sale being showcased in small cages with no protection from the heat of summer or the freezing temperatures of winter. Its very rare to see any consideration made for the animals, with no food or water on offer.

At breeding farms it’s apparent that the breeders do not care about the dogs and see them solely as commodities..

Most dogs have never felt the grass beneath their paws or had an opportunity to run freely. For a large majority will never see the light of day and spend their whole lives in filthy cages. The dogs are forced to eat, sleep and give birth in the same area they urinate and defecate.

It’s a common misconception that most dogs found in the dog meat trade are all stolen pets. The preponderance of dogs we find at slaughterhouses and markets are those that have been rejected and disregarded by breeders. This includes female dogs that have been overly bred and are no longer seen as profitable. Sadly their lives commonly culminate in the dog meat trade.

We would like to give our supporters further insight in to this abominable trade.

We endeavour to publish weekly articles on various aspects of the Chinese dog meat trade.

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