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How to help end the dog meat trade.

Sign and share this petition from World Dog Alliance:

Sign and share this petition to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival :

Below is a letter template you can use to send to your local Chinese embassy.

To whom it may concern.


I  recognize China as having one of the world's oldest cultures, as well as being a modern-day global leader in technology and development. 


I have respect for the Chinese people and Chinese civilization, but I am horrified to learn of the brutality to animals that current laws do not address.


In 2020 China made progress by reclassifying dogs as companion animals and no longer as livestock. However, they continue to be treated as livestock without any objection or protection by law?


I respectfully urge the Chinese government to adopt and enforce anti-animal cruelty laws to end the suffering of the 10 million dogs and 4 million cats killed annually in China’s dog meat trade and change the way all animals in China are treated.



Dogs and other animals are sentient, feeling beings who deserve our protection. I strongly urge the Chinese government to pass a law that would ban the consumption of dog and cat meat in China, as it is already has been in Shenzhen.


Please recognize that dogs and cats establish a close relationship with humanity. Banning the consumption of pets is common practice for civilized society in the modern world.



In Thailand, the dog meat trade has been banned with overwhelming global support.  There have also been bans in the Philippines and Taiwan This is because laws have been passed and more importantly enforced. Education on animal welfare and enforced legislation are key. 



Thank you for taking the time to read my plea.




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