About us 

     Our Founder


Liang xiaodan aka Plush Bear is a young Chinese activist that has been involved in helping rescue an array of different animals, prominently in the Changchun and Baicheng areas of northeastern China.

Over the last 12 months, she has expanded considerably,  rescuing an especially large amount of dogs from local dog butchers, animal markets, and large-scale slaughterhouses.

In order to achieve this Plush has been developing her own shelter and although this comes with huge responsibility, she has clearly demonstrated the desire, volition, and commitment to make this a success and give animals saved from slaughter, the second chance of life.



  shelter director 

Callum first discovered the horrors of the dog meat trade after seeing a video of the 'Yulin' dog meat festival which is held once per year in China. Shortly after that, he started his Instagram account @helpbanyulin to raise awareness of the magnitude of the suffering. Also during this time, he adopted 2 of his own dogs from china, Lady who was rescued from a street dog butcher, and Li Ming who was callously dumped by her Chinese owners and left to perish.

Both dogs now lead happy lives residing with Callum at home in the UK.

In 2017 Callum flew to China for the first time to bear witness to the abhorrent dog meat trade, shortly after he began fundraising for Plush Bear's Shelter.

In 2018 Callum has flown to china 4 times to take part in numerous dog rescues from dog butchers, slaughterhouses, and animal markets.

Administrator/ innovator

Stacey is an ardent and highly committed animal activist and long-term vegan. She is also the adopted mama of Izzy, the stunning Irish setter than was saved from a dog slaughterhouse by plush in October 2018. Stacey does a lot of wildlife rescues at home in the UK and never leaves an animal in distress, (even if it means driving to the animal hospital at some ungodly hour.)
She works a lot behind the scenes for plush helping with creative solutions.

Bianca Marie


Bianca first went over to China in 2017 where she witnessed the true horrors of the dog meat trade first hand. She is a huge animal lover that has made several subsequent trips to China and has repeatedly stepped up as a flight volunteer to help our rescues get to new homes overseas. Bianca writes a lot of our online content and interacts with supporters via social media and the website. She loves being in nature and the great outdoors, where she experiences ataraxia. She lives with her 2 dogs in the UK Simba and Koko.